Kills COVID-19

Kora Drymist An Effective Way To Sanitise Against Covid-19

The active ingredient Kills the majority of viruses and bacterium’s. Please see our kill claims here. 

Rooms Or Vehicles Ready After 10 Minutes

Applications are ready for use after only 10 minutes due to DryMist application if applied to the manufacturer's directions.

The misting process will sanitise practically any surface with the exception of untreated marble, wood or brass.

KDM1000E in use

refill kdm

Economical To Use

Costs less than 40p to sanitise a family sized car

A twin hotel room with ensuite would cost under £1.50

Extremely quick to deploy 

A double ensuite hotel room takes around 2 minutes

Its important to select a misting machine to match the size of the rooms you are trying to sanitise.

dentist misting

KDM1000B misting

Completely Odourless

Unlike Chlorine based products the DRYMIST is odourless.

There is no smell on application nor after drying.

Leaves No Residue

Will not mark any fabric nor leave marks on mirrors or glass.

This also means you can sanitise, curtains, beds, chairs effectively.


KDM1000B misting

Kora Drymist 5L Group

Safe On Electrical Items

Will not damage electrical items if used as directed.

Make sure electrical items are unplugged and that the mist is at the correct setting.

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Welcome to Kora Health

Here at Kora Wellbeing we are a company dedicated to providing a one stop shop for personal protective equipment or PPE for short.

We have been involved with health products for many years now, working closely with the Health and Safety Executive with regards to 3d printing emissions and the harm caused by VOC's and nanoparticles. Our sister company has been revolutionary and the leader in 3d printing emissions research and development by providing effective solutions.

What this means for you, is that we understand health regarding emissions, airbourne viruses and harmful particulates and provide high quality products so that you can remain safe in todays environment. You can depend on our products, and we offer a full warranty for your peace of mind.