Questions And Answers

Questions And Answers

KORA DRYMIST - Frequently asked Questions

1 - What is KORA DRYMIST?

KORA DRYMIST is a one stop sanitiser and disinfectant certified to kill enveloped viruses. (SARS-CoV2 and other Coronaviruses are classified as enveloped viruses.).

2 - How is it applied?

Its applied using equipment that creates a hospital grade disinfectant mist or fog which can access every exposed surface using fogging/misting equipment.

3 - What is fogging/misting?

The machines we supply dispense the disinfectant at between 10 and 20 microns producing an ultra-fine mist/fog at on average 100Ml per minute. This can be increased or decreased according to the circumstances. The KORA DRYMIST sanitiser can reach up to distances of 8m with the more powerful machines.

4 - What machines are used to dispense KORA DRYMIST?

We have 5 different units to dispense KORA DRYMIST

The KDM1000-B (Battery)

The KDM60-B (Battery)

The KDM 120-B (Battery)

The KDM1000-E (Mains Powered)

The KDM700-E (Mains Powered)

Please request further data sheets.

5 - What is KORA DRYMIST effective against?

KORA DRYMIST kills most Viruses and Bacteria. Please see Kora DRYMIST System  for specific details and kill claims.

6 - Are there any tests to demonstrate the effectiveness of KORA DRYMIST?

KORA DRYMIST has been submitted to the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for review. We have received written permission from the HSE to offer our product in the fight against Covid-19. The ingredients classification are notified to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).It is also registered under BS EN 14476.

7 - What is BS EN 14476?

This European Standard specifies a test method and the minimum requirements for virucidal activity of chemical disinfectant and antiseptic products that form a homogeneous physically stable preparation when diluted with hard water or in the case of ready-to-use products, i. e, products that are not diluted when applied, with water.

8 - When a room has been sanitised, how long do you have to wait before the room can be used again?

The wait time is only 10 minutes. Other products vary between 1 and 3 hours. This gives customers significant savings on “down time”. Other products  may vary between hours or days depending on the toxicity of their chemicals.

9 - Is it safe for people and animals / environment?

Yes, KORA DRYMIST is safe to handle and utilise when following our application guidance.

10 - Does it smell?

No, it is completely odourless.

11 - Is it flammable?

No, it’s completely non-combustible.

12 - Can it be used on electronic equipment?

Following correct application guidelines, the product is safe to use on sealed electronic items.

13 - Can it be used on fabrics and soft furnishings?

Yes. Because there are no adverse chemicals in the product such as Chlorine it is completely safe on all fabrics, soft furnishings and clothing.

14 - Where should the product be applied?

Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Care Homes, Shops, Pubs, Commercial premises, Holiday Lets etc.

15 - Is it expensive?

No. To treat a typical classroom/office of 200 cubic metres it would cost less than £1.50 to sanitise. A typical family car less than £0.40

16 – Why do you have to wait 10 minutes before returning to the treated area?

The KORA DRYMIST system dispenses sanitiser into the air to destroy airborne pathogens. After 10 minutes the sanitiser will have settled on surfaces and evaporated. If you return to the area before the 10 minutes, there is a risk that you could inhale the airborne sanitiser and cause irritation to your throat and eyes.

17 - How does KORA DRYMIST kill coronavirus?

KORA DRYMIST physically (not chemically) attacks the capsid (protein shell of the virus),

and denatures the binding proteins, rendering the virus ineffective and therefore unable

to cause infection.