Kora Dry Mist KDM120-B
  • Kora Dry Mist KDM120-B

Kora Dry Mist KDM120-B

The Kora KDM120-B is a battery powered mister and comes with the following starter kit FREE of charge to ensure you operate the mister safely.

1 x 5 Litre Kora DRYMIST

100 x Vinyl Gloves (Choice of S,M,L,XL)

50 x 3 Ply Face masks

2 x Face Visors

1 x Hazmat Suit – (Choice of M,L,XL)

£575.00 (excl VAT)

Free UK delivery for orders over £50


Used in conjunction with our Kora DRYMIST formula, you will have the ultimate solution in protecting staff and customers from Covid-19 and all other Coronaviruses. Additionally, it will also help stop the spread of the common cold, flu, stomach upsets and many more illnesses which can infiltrate schools, businesses and homes.

The KDM120-B has up to 32 minutes run time on a single charge, plenty of time to mist a medium / larger size, multi room building (equivalent to around 20 hotel bedrooms). It can dispense at 10-20 microns from the nozzle. The KDM120-B includes an additional nozzle to offer deep cleaning solutions (wet) at 40-60 Microns. The KDM120-B can dispense mist up to 8 Metres.    

Used with Kora's DRYMIST, you can keep your business or vehicle fully operational, as the target area or item is safe for use after 10 minutes (see application guidelines). You can then offer your customers or employees a clean and safe enviroment in which to operate. There is no residue or smell from the solution, and electrical equipment is safe if correctly applied. Screens and mirrors completely clear within the 10 minutes (see application guidelines), saving additional cleaning. Providing you only use Kora DRYMIST through the misting machine, we offer a limited 1 year warranty.

Applied in accordance with our directions and with Kora DRYMIST;

  • A typical family sized car would cost less than 40p to sanitise.
  • A classroom/office/shop measuring 200 cubic meters would cost less than £1.50 to sanitise.
  • Our ready to use sanitiser is quick to apply and saves "downtime" on any treated area as re-entry is safe after 10 minutes (see application guidelines).
  • No damage to electrical equipment (see application guidelines).

Businesses can also claim 100% of the cost of qualifying plant and fixtures against UK income or corporation tax up to £1.000,000 spend per year provided expenditure takes place before 31 December 2020 (limit reverts to £200,000 from 1 January 2021). This could mean that 100% of the net cost of our misting units can be offset against taxable profits in a single tax year, thereby reducing the net cost to you.

We have a range of Kora Dry Mist dispensers/machines to suit all of your needs. Homes, shops, vehicles and commercial premises of all sizes are catered for.



Solution Tank Capacity 1200ml

Machine Power Output 320W

Battery Specification Lithium Ion 135 w/h

Approximate Run Time 32 Minutes

Battery Charger 240V AC input - 29.4V DC Output

Charging Duration (flat to full) 3 Hours

Charger Cord Length 3.0 m

Dimensions 371 x 172 x 210 mm

Weight (with no liquid) 2.6 kg