Mobile Sanitiser Station

Mobile Sanitiser Station

Our premium portable Hand Sanitiser Gel Station is the perfect
solution to ensure better hygiene and encourage hand
sanitation, ideal for placing in key areas to protect against
Covid-19 and other viruses and bacteria.
The high quality powder coated steel, wiped clean finish ensures
hygiene whilst maintaining a premium look and feel.
• 1m x 220mm x 220mm.
• Hygienic and wipeable, powder coated steel.
• Available in black or white.

Suitable for all public places
• Ideal for shops/shopping centres/workshops/factories/offices/schools/universities etc.

• Dispenses directly from 5 Litre saving cost and frequent time consuming costly refill visits
• Key lockable front door to store up to 3x5L containers of Sanitiser + other PPE equipment.
• Wheels and handle at back for easy relocation.
• Two hole security fixing at rear for chain / padlock (chain/ padlock is not included).
• Own branding available.

£115.00 (excl VAT)

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